8 Benefits of Listening to Music

Woman listening to music isolated over a white background

The physical health of a human body is being tied to emotional, mental and spiritual health. Music can be a powerful medium for healing as it touches the very core of humanity: our souls. Thus, we can take control of our health as well as our lives as we enjoy the healing power of music.


With music, our innermost feelings and our senses can be stirred. It is a universal language that is capable of communicating to us deeply and uniquely. It also crosses all barriers such as languages, politics, sexual orientation, race, creed and religion.


Meanwhile, one advantage of music that we might not realize is its healing powers. There are a number of evidences that science can attest to the curative powers of music. These benefits of listening to music can be attributed to the stimulation the brain. This is like a cognitive workout which is equivalent to this phrase, ‘what exercise is to the body, music is to the brain.’


These days, we have music therapy which is the skillful use of music and other musical elements by an accredited music therapist. The aim here is to maintain, promote, and restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Music has nonverbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities. With music therapy, you are improving the contact and interaction, self-awareness and self-expression, learning, communication, and personal development of an individual.


We can’t deny the positive power of music to our mood and state of mind. It can also relieve us from stress, motivates us and even encourages us in tough situations. Here are some of the benefits of listening to music:


  1. Music allows our brain to release a chemical called ‘dopamine,’ which is essential for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system. With this, one may acquire positivity in emotions, perception and movement.
  2. It is already proven that music physiologically affects the heart rate, pulse rate, and breathing that could result to physical chills of pleasure.
  3. Happy lyrics can contribute to one’s positive thinking.
  4. According to Stanford University’s study, a music therapy helps depressed patients gain self-esteem and improve their moods. It is then concluded that music can lift one’s mood, reduce anxiety, motivates and helps prevent insomnia and depression.
  5. It can also trigger some associated memories that can transport you back to special occasions.
  6. Music physically heals. According to Fabien Maman, a musician and acupuncturist who devised the Tama-Do Academy, human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape. His findings concluded that sick cells can be healed and harmonized with sound.
  7. It also protects your ears’ sound-processing abilities.
  8. Moreover, one study found out that music can strengthen the heart. According to the cardiologists, the findings suggested that all people can boost the health of their hearts simply by listening to their favorite songs.


With music all around us, we can use it as a tool to balance and manage the mind and body. If used in an appropriate way, music can be healing. We can think of it as a wonderful therapeutic tool that is very enjoyable.

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