Advantages in Daycare

It is understandable in today’s society, that working parents leave their infants in daycare centers for them to be able to work for their living. But, did you know that leaving infants in daycare has an array of effects to their development? Researchers have found out that there are differences in the development of infants that are left with daycare and with infants that spend their whole time with their moms. And these developments affect many areas in their personalities and even their cognition.

One of the things that will be greatly affected is their behavior. There have been studies that were released saying that those children who spent their infant days in the daycare center are more likely to be involved in school fights than those children who spent their time with their mom. Moreover, teachers have confirmed that these children are more argumentative. It is speculated that this is due to the child’s inability to form secure attachments that causes these kinds of issues in their behavior.

Next is their vocabulary. It is observed that children that were placed in high quality daycare centers are more likely to have more developed vocabulary which is mainly because of their early exposure to adult conversations.

kids in daycare school
Boy being bullied in elementary school classroom

Along with their vocabulary, children also tend to develop their social skills when they come from a high quality day care. Even at the infant stage, they will be able to observe and adapt the actions and the instructions of their teachers and this is how their social skills tend to grow from.

Another part of your child that high quality child care supports is their cognitive development. This is due to the provision of intellectual stimulus by these centers at the early developmental periods.

There are a lot of advantages that a child gets from being a part of these high quality day care centers so don’t feel guilty when leaving them there for a while. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone because not only are you working for his future but you are also giving him a sort of prep education at an early stage.

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