Author: Melody Branscum

  • The Lego Brick Art

    The Lego Brick Art

    Lego is an unconventional medium for art pieces, which is why it took galleries a long time to accept it. But Former New York City corporate attorney Nathan Sawaya saw its potential and used it for his artwork. His art pieces are focused on inspiring the youth’s creativity during museum exhibits. The artist said that…

  • 8 Benefits of Listening to Music

    The physical health of a human body is being tied to emotional, mental and spiritual health. Music can be a powerful medium for healing as it touches the very core of humanity: our souls. Thus, we can take control of our health as well as our lives as we enjoy the healing power of music….

  • Advantages in Daycare

    It is understandable in today’s society, that working parents leave their infants in daycare centers for them to be able to work for their living. But, did you know that leaving infants in daycare has an array of effects to their development? Researchers have found out that there are differences in the development of infants…

  • 8 Country Music Artists You Should Know

    8 Country Music Artists You Should Know

    Singing for your nation is somehow, a form of heroism, in a sense that creating music for the land you are living is just like adapting the culture and tradition, sticking to it, and establishing legacy to your country. Blake Shelton, one of the best country music artists, released his debut single entitled “Austin” in…