The Lego Brick Art


Lego is an unconventional medium for art pieces, which is why it took galleries a long time to accept it. But Former New York City corporate attorney Nathan Sawaya saw its potential and used it for his artwork. His art pieces are focused on inspiring the youth’s creativity during museum exhibits. The artist said that the people’s reaction at his large structures is a great satisfaction. He is particularly fond of the kids’ jaw-dropping reaction upon seeing his sculptures made from Lego.

The artist shares to kids the value of patience in creating a masterpiece. In his case, he glues the Lego bricks together so the sculpture is intact when shipped. To refine what he’s created he uses a hammer and a chisel to add or subtract pieces when something doesn’t look right. This way he’s able to achieve the appropriate emotions or curves.

The Art Revolution Foundation was established by the artist in 2014. The foundation helps in propagating art in schools and homes. Sawaya points out that marble blocks aren’t the only ones that will help hone a child’s artistic inclination, in fact, the Lego blocks are a good alternative and everyone can afford it.

His passion for Lego as a medium for art is contagious, that everyone who sees his masterpieces is encouraged to be creative artists themselves. He combines 2-D and 3-D to draw more attention to Lego Bricks’ potential in the world of art. His creations are literary Pop Arts (because they seem to pop out from their background). Anyone will surely be amazed by them, and the imagination can go wild!

His life-size masterpieces can be seen on the streets of Cincinnati aside from the Museum Center. Indeed, the ex-lawyer realized that art is a road that can pave the way for success and satisfaction, far from what he thought when he chose his previous profession.


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  1. Larnel Lered Avatar

    I love taking my kids to LegoLand. They apparently do great marketing.

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